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High Quality machines for surface preparation and dust control

Rental / Leasing

Do you hesitate about a purchase due to the size of the investment, do you want to add some machines to your park during a busy period or do you want to test one of our machines extensively? It's all possible with Decovan Machines.

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Scrap’Air 24: a pneumatic hammer designed for wood peeling and facade renovation

Lightweight and small: designed for your comfort

Ideal forfacade renovators, timber frame stripping.

Designed for small-scale renovations to walls or woodworking, the Scrap’Air 24 pneumatic hammer facilitates both plaster removal and peeling of worm-eaten parts of wood frames. It also makes it possible to repair pallets.

Easy handling

Whether used with the straight handle or the pistol grip, the S24 is always easy to manipulate.

     Controlled power and efficiency

     15 joules for 4750 rounds/min.

     Minimum vibration for maximum strike frequency.

Optimal ergonomics

Designed to improve both comfort and performance on site.

Scrap'air V1 or V2 ergonomics: you have the choice!

The Scrap'Air S24 V1 features a single vibration reduction system in the head of the device. It allows to have a straight handle, very suitable for close work.

The Scrap'Air S24 V2 version provides extra protection for the user with a second anti-vibration system in the handle. The gripping is done with a pistol-grip. 60% reduction in hand-arm vibration for the user.

Scrap‘Air 24 v1
Scrap‘Air 24 v1
Article numberSA07070724

Scrap‘Air 24 v1

Scrap‘Air 24 v2
Scrap‘Air 24 v2
Article numberSA07070524

Scrap‘Air 24 v2