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High Quality machines for surface preparation and dust control

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Do you hesitate about a purchase due to the size of the investment, do you want to add some machines to your park during a busy period or do you want to test one of our machines extensively? It's all possible with Decovan Machines.

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PortaMix Mega Hippo

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Article number PMPH80RL
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PortaMix Mega Hippo mixing station

Saving you time, making you money

Many users have reported a major reduction in physical effort and time when using the PortaMix Mega Hippo. Projects that normally require three workers may now require only two. Often multi-stage pours are no longer neccessary. The specially-shaped bowl of the Mega Hippo ensures there are no pockets of unmixed product. Convenient wheeled base enables mix to be delivered quickly to the required location with excellent control. Ideal for mixing in bulk then dispensing into small containers. Pre-tinted material is easily blended.

The PortaMix Mega Hippo can increase your flooring project speed by 40%, while slashing 33% off your labour costs.

PortaMix Mega Hippo - Key features

  • Well balanced design - one person can mix, transport and pour with ease and precision - reducing down time and material waste
  • Mixes, delivers and spreads material quickly with excellent control
  • Handles wide range of construction compounds
  • Easy operation by one person
  • Reduces time, effort and labour costs
  • Thorough mixing, blanding and placement without mess
  • Dust extraction port for dust control
  • Easy to clean out
  • Versatile machines with proven on-site performance to boost productivity and profitability.
  • Compact design for use through standard doorways