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High Quality machines for surface preparation and dust control

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Do you hesitate about a purchase due to the size of the investment, do you want to add some machines to your park during a busy period or do you want to test one of our machines extensively? It's all possible with Decovan Machines.

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Pullman-Ermator A1700

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Article number PE200600738
3637_2013080894811_EXPLOSIETEKENING_A2500.pdf Exploded view_Pullman-Ermator A2500

Pullman-Ermator A2500 Air cleaner

Creating Clean Air in Construction, Abatement and Renovation !

The Pullman-Ermator A2500 air scrubber is our largest in the range. The A2500 operates at 2500m3/h. The HEPA filter installed in the A2500 is individually tested and certified H13 (*). The primary filter is cleanable and an indicator lights with alarm warns when it is time to clean or replace filters.

Features Pullman-Ermator A2500

  • 2500 m³/h.
  • Warning light for clogged filters.
  • Equipped with HEPA-13 absolute filter (*).

Technical properties Pullman-Ermator A2500

 Power  500 W
 Tension  230 V / 50Hz
 Current  1,3 A
 Airflow  2.500 m³/h
 Main filter  0,38 m²
 Absolute filter  40 m² (HEPA-13) *
 Dimensions  1170x680x740 mm
 Weight  71 kg
 Sound level  70 dB (A)

(*) Each HEPA filter is individually tested and certified HEPA-13 according to European standard EN1822. All the filters are tested individually DOP: filtering efficiency of 99,993% to 99,999% at a particle size of 0,3 μm.