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High Quality machines for surface preparation and dust control

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Pullman-Ermator S25

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Article number PE200800018
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Pullman-Ermator S25 Wet & Dry HEPA Vacuum cleaner


Creating Clean Air for Construction, Abatement and Restoration

The Pullman-Ermator S25 has been produced for skilled fitters when minor service work is to be carried out. The machine is light and flexible which makes it easy to transport, to carry and to store in vans and trucks. Although it's compact in design it is at the same time well equipped.

The Pullman-Ermator S25 has an outlet for electrical power tools. Electrical tools of up to 1.400 W can be connected with an auto-start function. The vacuum will start and stop on demand from the power tool. The 7-second delay on the vacuum shut-off ensures that all dust is emptied from the hose. Variable speed on the vacuum motor allows the operator to adjust the amperage and suction power according to circuit breaker capacity.

The Pullman-Ermator S25 has an automatic filter shaking system. A sensor indicates if a filter is clogged and starts shaking the filter immediately after the vacuum shuts off.

The Pullman-Ermator S25 is HEPA-13 classified and designed for maximum hygienic replacement of filter cassettes. Dust collection takes place in a plastic bag which can be sealed when replaced or in woven M-Class filterbag (for wet&dry use). The vac can be used for wet and dry dust collection.

Features Pullman-Ermator S25

  • Socket with autofunction for electric power tools
  • Variable suction power setting
  • Indicator for air flow volume
  • Soft start & trail electronic tools
  • Water detection with sensor switch-off
  • Automatic electromagnetic pulse filter cleaning - filter cleaning during each work break
  • Antistatic prepared
  • Dust collection in an M-class filter (wet & dry)
  • Equipped with 2 x HEPA-14 absolute filters

Technical properties Pullman-Ermator S25

 Motor effect  1.400 W
 Voltage  230 V
 Suction capacity  225 m³/h
 Vacuum  -25 kPa
 Filters  2 x 4.300 cm² (H14)
 Volume tank  25 ltr
 Volume bag  22 ltr
 Dimensions  430x380x570 mm
 Weight  12,70 kg
 Sound pressure  69 dB (A)

The Pullman-Ermator S25 is delivered complete with a 5 meter antistatic suction hose, 3-part aluminium floor wand, floor nozzle, brush tool with adaptor and an adaptor for connection to electric power tools.

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