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High Quality machines for surface preparation and dust control

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Pullman-Ermator T7500

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Article number PE200600404
3577_20140826115235_Brochure_T_LIJN-NL_2014v1.1.pdf Brochure_Pullman-Ermator T-Line_NL
3577_2013071581308_Brochure_T_Line-FR_2010.pdf Brochure_Pullman-Ermator T-Line_FR
3577_2013071581236_EXPLOSIETEKENING_T7500.pdf Exploded view_Pullman-Ermator T7500
3577_2013071581209_WIRING DIAGRAM_T7500 (5,5 kW med trans.).pdf Wiring diagram_Pullman-Ermator T7500 (5,5 kW with transformator)
3577_2013071581220_WIRING DIAGRAM_T7500 (5,5 kW utan trans.).pdf Wiring diagram_Pullman-Ermator T7500 (5,5 kW without transformator)
3577_20150410183229_T7500-T8600 EN60335-2-69 2009 H-Certificate TUV.pdf H-Certificate_Pullman-Ermator_T7500-T8600

Pullman-Ermator T7500 HEPA Dust Extractor

Creating Clean Air in Construction, Abatement and Renovation!

The Pullman-Ermator T7500 is our popular workhorse that has been chosen by many customers. Durable prefilters and further equipped with two HEPA-13 filters, Jet Pulse filter cleaning system and Longopac bag system. Suitable as a central vacuum system and for use with all types of floor machines.

The dust separation in the cyclone is done in 3 steps. The cyclone operation first separates the coarsest particles. Then, the finer dust is filtered out by a polyester prefilter (99,9%). The remaining fine dust is separated with the aid of two HEPA-13 filters with a dust separation efficiency of 99,995%.

Features Pullman-Ermator T7500

  • Efficient Jet-Pulse filter cleaning
  • Polyester prefilter
  • 2 x HEPA-13 absolute filters*
  • Dust collection in Longopac bag system (20m)

* all the filters are tested individually DOP : filter efficiency of 99,993% to 99,999% with a particle size of 0,3µm

Technical properties Pullman-Ermator T7500

 Power  5,5 kW
 Tension  400 V / 3-phase / 50Hz
 Current  16 A
 Airflow  600 m³/h
 Vaccuum  -28 kPa
 Inlet  Ø 76 mm
 Main filters  2,3 m² (>99,5%)
 Absolute filters (HEPA-13)  2 x 2,5 m² (>99,995%)
 Dust collection  Longopac
 Dimensions  1090x760x1780 mm
 Weight  210 kg
 Sound level  74 dB (A)

The Pullman-Ermator T7500 is delivered complete with 7,5m hose Ø50mm, 10m hose Ø76mm, 2-part wand and floor nozzle.

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