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Pullman-Ermator W2000/2

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Article number PE200600769

Pullman-Ermator W2000/2 Slurry vacuum cleaner with pump

Creating Clean Air in Construction, Abatement and Renovation!

The Pullman-Ermator W2000/2 is a slurry vac that extracts the slurry and filters the liquid into clean water. The filtration is a three step process:

  1. Metal filter
  2. Sediment tank
  3. Non-woven filter

It has an automatic water level control and drainage which guarantees continuous liquid flow. Also can be used with closed circuit usage. It is suitable for slurry extraction during core drilling and slurry recovery.

Features Pullman-Ermator W2000/2

  • Water can be re-used thanks to a three step water filtration
  • Automatic water level control
  • Pre-separator for best possible filtration
  • Powerful oil-cooled evacuation pump

Technical properties Pullman-Ermator W2000/2

 Power  1 x 1.260 W
 Tension  230 V / 50Hz
 Current  5 A
 Airflow  200 m³/h
 Vaccuum  -23 kPa
 Inlet  Ø 50 mm
 Main filter  0,6m² (>99,5%)
 Inlet  Ø 50 mm
 Pump  650 W
 Pump capacity  290 ltr/min
 Max. pump height  9 m
 Volume bucket  2 x 55 ltr (water level = 2 x 30 ltr)
 Max. volume filtered  12 ltr/min
 Dimensions  550x500x970 mm (2x)
 Weight  65 kg
 Sound level  75 dB (A)

The Pullman-Ermator W2000/2 is delivered complete with 4m antistatic hose Ø38mm, 3-part wand and floor nozzle.

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