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Impacts FG-250 (400V) Single Disc Grinder

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Article number IM102250001
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Impacts FG-250 Single Disc Grinder (3x400V)

The Impacts FG-250 is an electric-powered heavy-duty single-disc concrete floor grinder especially designed for heavy-duty surface preparation applications on small to medium horizontal surfaces. The unique design of the Impacts FG-250 single-disc concrete grinder gives the operator complete control and allows for perfect grinding in all kind of situations. A dust extraction port allows for connection with the Pullman-Ermator S36 / T4000 Hepa Dust extractor in order to achieve an environmental friendly application. The Impacts FG-250 single-disc concrete grinder is very easy and comfortable to use with low vibrations. Decovan Machines has distributes a full range of concrete grinders and diamond products, which give the opportunity to treat any floor and any specific application.

Kenmerken Impacts FG-250 single-disc floor grinder

  • User friendlyEasy to manoeuvre, minimum vibrations and many safety features. All our single disc grinders are easy to transport due to the lifting eyes and handles. Plug and grind!
  • One single grinding headThe single grinding head allows all the pressure of the machine to be distributed onto the one diamond disc in use. This makes the machine perfect for ‘aggressive’ heavy-duty grinding.
  • Dust free working environmentEvery Impacts FG-250 single-disc grinder should be connected to a Pullman-Ermator industrial HEPA dust extractor. This means that you are able to work dust free, creating a safe working environment.
  • Wide range of tools available: Our single disc grinders are compatible with our wide range of diamond grinding tools. This allows you to use the machine for a wide range of flooring applications.
  • Perfect for industrial flooringThe combination of the centred pressure and long lasting diamond tools make these machines perfect for simultaneously removing old coatings and levelling floors.

Applications Impacts FG-250

The Impacts FG-250 concrete grinder is perfect for the surface preparation of small to medium size floors, surface leveling, preparation before coating, and removal of coating defects or adhesives. Impacts' FG-250 is also ideal for use with industrial flooring applications, concrete preparation, and decorative flooring. To receive advice or training about concrete grinding and polishing or to find the best products for your surface preparation applications, contact us.

Technical specifications Impacts FG-250 Single Disc Grinder (400V)

Work width 250 mm
Grinding plate 1 x 250 mm
Power 5,5 kW
Tension 3 x 400 V / 50Hz
Current 16 A
Dimensions 1.250 x 620 x 1.000 mm
Weight 105 kg
Applications Concrete / Asphalt / Resin floors
Dust collection Pullman-Ermator S36 / T4000 HEPA Dust Extractor

Diamond grinders

  • SCAN COMBIFLOOR : dry polishing of concrete to a shining floor in 4-7 steps.
  • Grinding concrete and cement.
  • Creating a grip on the floor for new coatings.
  • Removal of old layers, bumps, unevennesses, coatings such as :
    • Paint
    • Coatings
    • Egaline
    • Contaminations
    • Curing Compound
    • Rust stains
  • Bumps and joints in concrete or chappe.
  • Renovation and cleaning of floors.
  • Grinding and polishing of natural stone.
  • Grinding terrazzo.
  • Stripping of wear resistant top layers.
  • Grinding of parquet.

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