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High Quality machines for surface preparation and dust control

Rental / Leasing

Do you hesitate about a purchase due to the size of the investment, do you want to add some machines to your park during a busy period or do you want to test one of our machines extensively? It's all possible with Decovan Machines.

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World Series Ceramics

The Scanmaskin World Series CERAMIC tools are specifically designed to transition from a metal diamond to a resin polishing tool. The unique low profile design and high diamond density allow these tools to contour to the surface while achieving maximum refinement.

The World Series Ceramics can also be used as the first step for a cream or salt/pepper finish, eliminating the need for a metal tool.

The Soft Bond option works well on floors testing at 6-7+ on the Mohs scale.

** WARNING - ALL Ceramic tools MUST be operated at a low speed (<2 on the speed dial / 750 RPM on propane). Operating the tool at higher speeds will cause it to fail **

World Series CERAMIC 50MM (2“)
World Series CERAMIC 50MM (2“)
Article numberSC5902

World Series CERAMIC 50MM (2“)

World Series CERAMIC 75MM (3“)
World Series CERAMIC 75MM (3“)
Article numberSC5903

World Series CERAMIC 75MM (3“)