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Pullman-Ermator W70P

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Article number PE201000032
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3599_20130802133533_EXPLOSIETEKENING_W70P.pdf Exploded view_Pullman-Ermator_W70P
3599_20130802133656_W70P electrical schematic.jpg Wiring diagram_Pullman-Ermator_W70P

Pullman-Ermator W70P Slurry vacuum cleaner with pump

Creating Clean Air in Construction, Abatement and Renovation!

The Pullman-Ermator W70P is wellknown for its quality, durability, efficiency and long trouble-free service life. The Pullman-Ermator W70P is powerful mobile water and slurry vacuum cleaner with pump, designed for the most demanding tasks. It is made mostly of stainless steel, with a larger collection bucket and newly designed trolley, so this is a worthy successor of the W350P. 

Features Pullman-Ermator W70P

  • Patented filter/float system provides reliable wet shut-off
  • For pumping concrete slurry, oil, cutting fluids, etc.
  • Can simulaneously pump and vacuum
  • Reception bucket 70 ltr
  • Oil-cooled and removable pump provides efficient trouble-free service in moving large volumes of water and slurry
  • Stainless steel strainer screens large objects from liquids and protects pump impeller
  • Easy to clean tank thanks to bottom valve and reclining bottom plate
  • Optional dust and slurry reception with M-class filter bag (wet and dry)
  • The wheels are of the “non-marking type”, puncture free and lockable at the front

Technical properties Pullman-Ermator W70P

 Power  1 x 1.260 W
 Tension  230 V / 50Hz
 Current  5 A
 Airflow  200 m³/h
 Vaccuum  -23 kPa
 Main polyester filter  0,6m² (>99,5%)
 Inlet  Ø 50 mm
 Pump  650 W
 Pump capacity  290 ltr/min
 Max. pump height (lift)  9 m
 Effective tank volume  55 ltr
 Disposable woven filterbag  55 ltr (580x780 mm)
 Dimensions  600x570x1250 mm
 Weight  43 kg
 Sound level  77 dB (A)

The Pullman-Ermator W70P is delivered complete with 3m antistatic hose (Ø38mm), 3-part wand, crevice tool and floor nozzle.

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